The DripDrop Story

1988 – Dr. Dolhun graduated Marquette University

1993 – During his summer break in between his first and second year of medical school at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Dolhun volunteered in a rural mountain village in Guatemala. It is there that he witnessed the devastating effects of a cholera epidemic and its lethal effects on young children.

1996 – Received his medical doctorate from Mayo Medical School

1999 - Completed his Family Medicine residency at the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida

1999 - Dr. Dolhun named "Resident Teacher of the Year" by the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine

1999 - Dolhun moved to San Francisco, California after his residency to pursue fellowships in Family Medicine Research and Faculty Development at the UCSF Medical Center and Obstetrics at Santa Clara County Hospital, a Stanford University program.  

2000 – Dr. Dolhun became the co-director of Ethnicity and Medicine and Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at Stanford University.

2005 – Dr. Dolhun founded the Dolhun Clinic in San Francisco.  Patients (mothers) were calling/asking how to treat diarrhea with their babies and children… again and again he was explaining to mother’s how to make “home brews – salt, sugar and water”.  (another seed planted for need for ORS)

2005 - Around this point in his practice, and after years of humanitarian work seeing primarily babies and children suffering due to the loss of fluids and electrolytes caused by infectious diarrhea, Dr. Dolhun decided to set out on his quest to invent a medical grade ORS that tasted great to save lives.

2006–2009 – R & D – Dr. Dolhun self-funded, self-tested and self-developed the first medically-relevant, good tasting medical grade ORS.  He did this while maintaining his private practice, Dolhun Clinic, in San Francisco, CA.

2010 – Proof of Concept and Validation – Haiti Earthquake

2011 – Oprah Winfrey Hero Award 

2012 - Dolhun received the Marquette University Alumni Service to the Community Award for his humanitarian work.

2012 – Oct. 17th - Dr. Dolhun addressed an audience on the importance of oral rehydration solution in reducing deaths due to dehydration at a TedX event. 

2013 – Philippine Floods – first responder and DD humanitarian relief aid.

2014 – Uganda/Malawi.

2014 – Sept - DripDrop ORS was used in the West African countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone to treat Ebola, through a partnership with Childfund International. DripDrop donated enough product to treat over 1,500 children.

2014 – Edison Award, Bronze Prize in the category of "Treatments." 

2015 - Nepal Earthquake.

2015 – Disaster Medicine & Public Health Preparedness Award- First Highlighted Member.

2016 – Ecuador earthquake

2016 – Dr. Dolhun responded to the Syrian refugee crisis

2016 – US Aid Award finalist – Development & Innovation Ventures.

2017 – March – S. Africa – treated 100 children in the aftermath of the Imizamo Yethu fire.  

2017 – Tribal Planet Citizen Wellness Advisor

2017 – Oct 6th Received the Humanitarian of Year Award by the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association.

2017 – Nov 9th – S. Africa Awareness conference.